How to make your curly hair straight without heat


Some of us girls with curls enjoy making our waves silky straight. But is it worth the damage of a flat iron? My hair has definitely been through a lot with the bleach job ( see my previous post on that ) so more damage is not something I’m looking for. 

So I had to research ways to avoid this and I came up with this article: Ways to straighten hair without heat:

  1. Use straightening products, the right products are essential to straight hair
  2. Large Rollers, preferably plastic as form makes frizz, leave on overnight
  3. Brush hair til dry, yes it sounds simple but it works!
  4. DiY honey and milk hair Mask
  5. Put wet hair up in a bun on top of your head and cover with scarf
  6. Rubber band all over head, then add clips to tightly to keep hair flat

Be sure to use coconut oil or another anti frizz product after these methods for smoothness.