I cut off all my hair from a bad bleach job!!

I had to do it..i had made the terrible decision to bleach my hair, then dye it, then about 8 weeks later, dye it again. BIG MISTAKE! My hair started falling out in clumps from the roots! I thought that i had a thyroid problem at first..but alas it was my terrible decisions to abuse my strains that caused the irreversible damage. And i did try everything to keep it. All kinds of rescue masks. I even tried to cut it short but it was still falling out in chunks. In the end i i now have a pixie cut. It doesn’t look bad but learn from my mistakes and please be careful with your hair.

Me ( Avon choker)

I actually do not mind my short hair so much anymore. Now I ove wearing earrings and showing them off. Speaking of earrings Avon has very cute red and white heart earrings as part of their Valentines collection I am currently demoing along with a heart watch. I love them both! I sill show more pictures next blog post.

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